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What Is Street Food?

The roots of street food can take us back to history. It is believed that for the first time street food sales like; small fried fish were sold on the streets in ancient Greece. Street food was widely consumed by poor urban residents, even of ancient Rome, whose residents had no ovens or hearths.
In ancient China, where street food generally belonged to the poor, wealthy residents would send their servants to buy street food and consume it in their homes.
Urbanization and street food go hand in hand. Across the globe, street food, sometimes synonymous with fast food, has become an important part of daily life as the population increasingly struggles to maintain the extraordinary pace of life with their lifestyles. These foods are popular because they are readily available, and you can get them at half the price or less than any other restaurant food.
Today, while some street foods are regional, many are not, having spread beyond the region of their origin. Many people who have not been exposed to the culture of street food think it is unhealthy and unhygienic. However road traffic incidents are relatively low worldwide.

Who Are We?

We are the most persistent team you have ever seen, with over 10 years of experience in organizing the largest projects in the local market.

+ 0 Years of Experience

Why Tirana Street Food Festival?

- Launched by the Municipality of Tirana as a tradition recently, we decided to develop together this project in its first edition as a FESTIVAL of international dimensions.

- We have undertaken the creation of a series of missing traditions with the activities we organize

- We want to give another perspective on food at the festival; not just street food but all sorts of cuisines that will be served at such a festival, in order to give the opportunity to enjoy different visitors.

- All kinds of kitchens in one place, to educate the taste of consumers with new tastes.

- Increase the standard of delivery of products and services in local street food.

- Creating a space for local businesses to see or cook products / foods offered to locals and foreign tourists who are always on the rise.

Why Should The Public Participate?

The whole family comes together, but they enjoy the cuisine according to their preferences.

Didn't we say that love goes through the stomach first? Add to this the presence of the most beloved people.

In the heart of Tirana you can enjoy dozens of different cuisines, there is room for everyone's tastes. From local cuisine with Chefs who have been investing for several years in creating cuisine with local produce, to international cuisine and tastes. Ready to explore the explosions of taste?

What Will You Find At The Festival?

- Street food, cuisines to enjoy and different types of cuisine’s dishes

- Culinary activities (cooking shows, cooking classes for children and adults, seminars, etc.)

- Chefs who will share cooking recipes to you

- Education: Food information sessions

- Tasting panels for seasonal products

- Delicious products

- Delicious products

- Activities for children and adults
• Beer and wine games
• Food races
• Animation for children

Why Should A Restaurant Participate?

It is among of the few opportunities to introduce yourself to a wide clientele that you have never had before

You are in front of many other businesses and you have to make the difference

So you have a chance to increase the number of clients for the years to come

We offer:

- Sharing of booths

- Decor of the whole festival area

- Water

- Electricity

- Cleaning of common areas

- Security

Why Should A Food Industry Business Participate?

- Have enough space for 4 days in a row to be at Skanderbeg Square with your product or service (promotions, outdoor advertising, and spots on LED Screens, cooking show space to promote your products)

- We provide enough people to promote your products / services

- There is no greater enterprise than this, so close to the food industry


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Festival Rules

Let’s create a fantastic experience for everyone. Follow this tips for maximum fun at the festival:
•Entry to the festival. You have to pay a ticket of 100 new Lekë. At the entrance you will be equipped with a hand-band, which allows you in and out as many times as you want within the date in the festival spaces.
• Organizers may refuse access to persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, who carry with them bottles or other dangerous objects, or easily flammable objects even in the case of possession of the hand-band.
• Organizers reserve the rights for filming and photographing during the event. Participants, by purchasing tickets, automatically accept and permit the filming or photographing of minors , whom might be present during the event.
• The organizers are not responsible about possible feuds between participants, for damages or loss of personal belongings of participants during the event.
• Food and beverages from outside are not allowed. You have to support the culinary Chefs who are cooking for you.
• Possession of the hand-band does not give the rights to its possessor, to benefit additional services, beyond what has been revealed to him. Consumption from bar/restaurants is optional.
• Security. Stay ready to open your bags in the doorway for a full scan by security staff.
• Smoking is allowed during the festival
• Non-cash. Payments will be made through our internal system, so your cash will be converted into credits and you can only purchase through them.
• To consume alcohol at the festival, you must prove that you are over 18 years old by showing your ID. So birthdays of 11/11/2001 or earlier.
• Rain or sun. We have taken measures to serve you considering also the unfavorable weather.


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Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania